Why YouthConnekt Africa Hub?

Africa's greatest resource is its youth. Yet, this abundant resource has been relatively untapped and facing cross-cutting issues such as limited access to education and finances, deterring health, scarce employment opportunities and low wages, and often excluded from local decision-making. As a result, these challenges, individually and collectively, obstruct the youth from meaningfully contributing to the social, economic and political transformation of their nations and the African continent at large.

YouthConnekt is a platform designed to connect the youth for socio-economic transformation. The purpose of the YouthConnekt Africa (YCA) Hub is to provide a holistic solution to alleviate the challenges faced by African youth by widening the pool of economic, social and civic leadership opportunities through National YouthConnekt initiatives. Essentially, the Hub will be supporting already existing African youth empowerment initiatives to propel and scale their efforts further.

How does the YouthConnekt Africa Hub work?

YCA Hub's central role is to primarily strengthen the African youth empowerment ecosystem by equipping already existing initiatives with technical and financial resources, knowledge sharing and improved national ownership of the youth's socio-economic transformation agenda.
Through national YouthConnekt initiatives, the Hub accomplishes its mandate by:

  • Coordinating a global network to create a continental ecosystem for African youth;
  • Sharing experience and knowledge on program and policy design, youth initiatives, fund setting and reporting;
  • Providing a conduit for resources at scale and data on youth to up-skill and finance African youth-led enterprises.

About YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2019

Who will attend YouthConnektAfrica Summit 2019

  • Heads of State
  • Global Business Leaders
  • AU Commissioners
  • Ministers of Youth
  • Multilateral Organizations
  • Development Partners
  • Heads of Regional Economic Communities (RECs)
  • Young Men & Women Entrepreneurs
  • Gender Equality & Women Empowerment Champions
  • Civil Society and Academia
  • Youth-led Organizations
  • Accelerators, Incubators & Innovation Labs
  • Venture capitalists, Business Angels & other Specialist Investors

Why attend

The development of this continent resides in your hands. This convening connects youth from across the continent and beyond to engage,design, and accelerate youth empowerment efforts at the continent level.

This year's Summit tracks

  • Connecting skills development to meet emerging market opportunities
  • Addressing the growing Youth Employment demand in Africa
  • Presenting the potential of the Arts, Sports and Culture Industry for Africa

12 Countries have launched YouthConnekt

5 Key Goals of YouthConnekt Africa

  • Create 10 million jobs for youth
  • Empower 25 million youth with skills
  • Nurture 1 million young leaders
  • Connect 100 million young Africans
  • Close the gender gap.

Latest news

YouthConnekt Africa Goals

  • Jobs & entrepreneurship

    Create 10 million jobs by 2020 in sustainable job environments in emerging industries.

  • Education / Skills

    Create 25 million opportunities through training & enrolment in workplaces.

  • Civic participation & Leadership

    Identify, nurture & grow 1 million leaders that provide solutions, participate in advocacy & become role models in their communities.

  • Gender

    Develop sustainable initiatives & policies that reduce gender inequality in education, jobs, technology & leadership.

  • Technology & Innovation

    Form a 'hub of hubs' to connect incubation hubs across the continent and provide access to markets, innovation-friendly capital from partners, and partnership opportunities with peers across the continent. nurture 5,000 digital ambassadors in each country to help connect & digitally empower 100,000,000 africans, allowing skills to be transferred to their local communities.

Achieving Our Goals

Policies 01

Bridging the gaps between nations by bringing together government leaders & policy influencers to share knowledge & ideas. Working together to advance the achievement of goals for youth in alignment with the African Youth Charter and the SDGs.


Identifying existing programs aligned with the YouthConnekt goals and facilitate a platform to work together to achieve our common goals. These programs will further assist in measuring, monitoring & maintaining successful initiatives aligned with the YouthConnekt objectives.


We will seek partnerships with private sector, government institutions, civic society, development partners, and academia that will be responsible for delivering programs, bringing other partners on board, innovating & providing solutions for implementation challenges.

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